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House Clearance

House Clearances

A standard house clearance of 3 to 4 bedrooms with an average amount of household furniture and effects can cost anywhere between £650 and £1,500 on average but can vary considerably based upon various factors such as, parking difficulty, high rise flats with only stair access, and high volume content within the property.

There may be a garden clearance involved and this would incur additional charges. Garages can sometimes have large quantities of toxic material such as paint and garden pesticides which will also incur additional charges. The loft area can sometimes have large amounts of clutter and the house clearance company will have to take this into consideration when working out a quotation.

When disposing of your item this will be separated into the following areas


Whenever possible most items will be taken to the tip or recycling centre.


If we have items of value we can have them valued by a professional auctioneer *Please ask for details.


Items that can be reused e.g. Beds, Wardrobes and Couches for example will be resold or donated to our chosen charity
Whether you have inherited a home, bought a home or you just need to clear space in your existing property we can help.
House Clearnaces Southport
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